I made this drawing some months ago when I decided I should go back to basics and start training my “lights & shadows” drawing skills again. What a better way to train myself but making a copy of one of the greatest Spanish painters (and drawers)? the so called “master of light”: Joaquin Sorolla.

I’ve always felt quite close to Sorolla’s work as I studied Fine Arts in Valencia, SPAIN (Sorolla’s birth place). After 90 years form his death, his influence still remains in Valencia and his  technique to depict light and shadow is still taught in Valencia. I used big long, loose and soft pencil strokes trying to copy Sorolla’s painting technique.

Anyway, I hope you like it!




I made this drawing a while ago in my skecthbook (Pencil & Digital painting). It’s a copy of one of Rockwell’s paintings, one of my favourite painters. If you follow this blog you might know this by now because my blog is full of Rockwell copies.

Anyway, I still have many more drawings I would like to share but I will do it bit by bit. I hope you like it!



I made this drawings at ‘El Retiro’ park in Madrid. A place where you can see how multicultural the spanish society has become in recent years. Some of these drawings where made in the Summer and others in Winter but all of them reflects on people that ‘inhabit’ in the park. Some people just walk around in their spare time and some other try to make a living in it selling stuff and entertaining turists.

I hope you like it!