Sooner or later the hard work pays off, and now it´s when it’s starting to happen to me!

A week ago SHAUN THE SHEEP series 4 won a BAFTA for Best animation!!!! I worked in that series for nearly 4 moths full-on as Storyboard artist. I hadn’t worked so hard in my life and I think that it shows on the screen. It was tough but I can say you that it was one of the best experiences of my life.

After the series, I was lucky to join the SHAUN THE SHEEP:THE MOVIE story crew where I met some of the most talented story artists around and I was able to live firsthand how a stopmotion feature film is made in Aardman Animations, the most important stopmotion animation studio in the world. This was my first feature film experience and I will never forget it. One could feel that we where making something very great and finally I can show something to the world. The OFFICIAL TRAILER is out!!!

Remember, Feb 2015, ‘SHAUN THE SHEEP:THE MOVIE.’



In a year  from now, SHAUN THE SHEEP: THE MOVIE will be in cinemas all over the world: MARCH 2015!

It’s crazy to think about this taking into account how much work left there is but thanks to the great team behind the project this deadline will be met for sure. The weekly animation rushes are great and just having the chance to see how a stop-motion feature film of this level it’s being made is such a great feeling I can not express it with words.

I woked in CGI before but I must say that eachtime I’m going to the animation floor and see that  sets and puppets are there for real, and not in pixeles in the computer like GCI, it makes me trully value this medium. Still my favourite medium is and it always be drawing animation, but I can not deny there is something unique to the stop-motion that it really attracts me.

Anyway, here there are more drawings. I hope you like them!




Spring is almost here! I can feel it everywhere, mostly because the good weather is back in Bristol, at least for the time being. I’m sure that there is plenty of rain to come in the future but let’s enjoy the present.

This weather is also good to come outside and draw, and that exactly what I’ve been doing lately. I will post those drawings in future posts; in the meantime, here there are more drawings from my everyday bus journeys.

I hope you like them!





It’s been a long time since I last posted drawings and I didn’t do it because I haven’t been drawing, rather the opposite. I’ve been so occupied drawing at work that I didn’t feel like turning into the computer to prepare the drawings for the Blog. It really takes a long time to get them ready: scanning, cropping, renaming, resizing, etc… But finally here they are!

ey are just a few but I hope you like them!





In my last post, I commented about SHAUN THE SHEEP series 4 being broadcasted on UK, but even more importantly, I realized that two of the animated series I’ve worked on in the past were on air on UK TV.

Well… yesterday I make a little bit of research and it turns out that the are THREE series I’ve worked on in the past on UK TV right now: SHAUN THE SHEEP (BBC), JELLY JAMM (CHANNEL 5) and POCOYO (Nick Jr. UK).

NO WORDS… I´m over the moon!



I have been waiting for a year but finally, SHAUN THE SHEEP series 4, is on TV! it’s  shown everyday on the BBC at 3.50 pm. Do not miss it! I boarded 10 out of the 30 episodes and I can’t express how happy I am for been able to see it on TV. It was made in a record time and it took me several months to recover for the stress it put me on but everything pays off at the end.

Thank you to everyone that made those episodes possible. It was a great team!!!

By the way, I have just realized that there are TWO SERIES I HAVE WORKED ON that are been broadcasted in the UK TV right now!: SHAUN THE SHEEP on the BBC and JELLY JAMM on CHANNEL 5. Isn’t that cool?!

P.S. I have been making thousands of sketches during this time I haven’t posted. I will post some of them in my next entry.




SHAUN THE SHEEP (Season 4) was finally RELEASED last week in Germany!!!

There are 30 new episodes in total and I storyboarded 10 of those 30 episodes!!! I can’t express enough how happy I am for this news. I had never worked before as hard as I did for these episodes and I can tell you that it was worth it! Everybody pushed as hard as they could to get those episodes done in the super tight schedule with the maximum quality as possible and I think that it really shows on the screen. Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy the new stories as soon as those episodes will be released in your own country.

On the other hand, the feature film I’m working on ‘SHAUN THE SHEEP: THE MOVIE’ is full steam ahead! There is still a long way to go but I can already tell you that it is going to be great!!!!

Anyway, here there is another round of my drawings made around Bristol. I hope you like them!

Bristol_224Bristol_207 Bristol_218Bristol_205


Finally, the SHAUN THE SHEEP series I worked on at the beginning of this year is completed. In total, there are 30 new episodes waiting to be broadcasted soon. I don´t know what the release date will be but I guess it will be early 2014.

Anyway, the experience has been great but more importantly has been the fact that I’ve met so many talented people. They are so good that makes you feel like  this is an easy business. Nothing further from the truth.

Anyway, here there is another round of my sketches. I hope you like them!


Bristol_185  Bristol_177 Bristol_198





I’ve been calling my posts as BRISTOLIANS DRAWINGS SKECTHES, however, this title is not quite correct as here in Bristol there are so many nationalities and I’ve been drawing to so many foreing people.

On the other side, Bristol is such a great city that everyone feels welcome once you’ve been here for a while. I must say that this place has really surprised me for all the live and great atmosphere that you can have in the streets. I can not recommend it enought if you like travelling, and of course, if you like drawing. For all these reasons, I will keep calling my posts as they are, Bristolian Drawings Sketches.

Anyway, here there is another round of my sketches. I hope you like them!




SUMMER SKETCHES 2013 (Round 2: from the Swimming pool)

It’s been a while since I last posted something and that’s something to do with the fact that I’ve been extremely busy working on SHAUN THE SHEEP: THE MOVIE here at Aardman.

I’m really having a great time working on this my first feature film and of course it’s quite challenging too. Anyway, right now I could say that Autumm has just arrive here in Bristol but this is no time to get down and moaning about the weather that will come. In fact, this weather is making me think about my last Summer and all the great times I had and of course about the drawings I made.

Here there are my latest summer drawings from the Huesca swimmimg pool. I hope you like them!



SUMMER SKETCHES 2013 (Round 1: from the Beach)

Summer is getting to the end and it’s about time to go back to my previous stressing life. Deadlines, schedules, buses… and storyboards! This year I have been able to spend some days on the beach and I’ve been doing what I like the most whilst lying on the sand: live drawing!

Here there are some of the skeches I made in the Summer. It’s possible to notice how the sand got into my pen and it allowed me to produce a very different texture to the line. Beacuse of this I’m really pleased with the overall result. Soon I will post more Summer Sketches rounds.

Anyway, I hope you like them!

Sketch05_Beach2013 Sketch12_Beach2013 Sketch24_Beach2013 Sketch27_Beach2013 Sketch30_Beach2013


Here there are my new sketches from Bristol!

Not that much to comment but the good news that episodes from the second season of JELLY JAMM TV series (series I previusly worked on) are being broadcasted in the UK in Channel 5’s Milkshake. It was a very hard work to get those 26 new episodes finished in the super-tight schedule, however, I really think that the storyteam (the team I belonged to) kept up to the level. From here I would like to thank those super-talented storyboard artist for their hard work and commitment.

Anyway, I hope you’ll like those episodes, and of course, these drawings too.

Bristol_91 Bristol_97 Bristol_107 Bristol_144



It’s been along time since my last post. Everything it’s going very well here at Aardman in Shaun The Sheep and I hope soon the new season episodes will be broadcasted all around the world.

Anyway, this is another round of drawings I’ve been making all around Bristol. From now on I will try to show more drawings per post. So far I haven’t even shown a quarter of the drawings I’ve made here! It will take me longer to scan them to name them and to label them but I think it will be worth it. I have much more to show in post to come and of course much better, incluiding my 2013 Summer sketches!

I hope you like them!

Bristol_83 Bristol_76


I don’t usually post photos in my blog as I want to keep it just on my Drawings however this is an exception. I just wanted to share what I see every day in reception when I’m going to work here at Aardman.

This really motivates me!

I will post more rounds of Bristolian drawings soon.